What makes Neufeld & Associates unique?
We offer services in areas of overlapping disciplines in one firm.


Projects first and foremost require the management and allocation of resources. We therefore offer a number of services to make the design and construction process run smoothly from start to finish. We look after the details, offering a wide variety of services including:

  • Project Management
  • Field Reviews
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Tendering
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Specifications
  • Policy Development
  • Computer and Manual Drafting & Design

You can count on us to make sure pay attention to detail and to tackle the unexpected to the best of our capabilities, while still meeting project goals and budget.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture can vary greatly in the scope of work. We find that it is the link between sound planning, environment and urban design. We take on projects that range from commercial landscape design that are multidisciplinary in approach, to single-family residential landscape design. Our experience lays not only in residential design, but native habitat restoration, natural plantings, perennial gardens, streetscape design, and park planning / landscape design.


The planning process can be a complex process requiring meticulous attention to detail. We tackle the issues required to move forward, and draw on our creativity to handle the unexpected. We strive to create a strong working relationship between parties so communication is open and we can get things done. In the planning process we draw on all facets of our expertise and familiarity with:

  • Municipal Planning
  • The Local Governments Act (Municipal Act)
  • Environment Regulations
  • Urban design trends
  • Rezoning processes
  • Government liaison
  • Development Planning for Subdivision, Condominium, Multifamily Residential, Commercial and Institutional Projects.


Ecological integrity is a required piece of all projects in today’s world, and one which Neufeld & Associates values highly. We view all our projects as an opportunity to enhance the environment and provide a positive contribution to the community. We are knowledgeable in and ensure adherence to environment regulations, and have designed numerous projects involving ecological habitat restoration, stream rehabilitation, native planting, environmental assessment, fisheries and terrestrial assessment.

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