Innovative solutions that use design and technology to create outstanding results.

One of the most difficult tasks to define is the “design” part of a service. Yet design is ultimately the most important part of the service we can deliver to the client. Design is the factor that represents the finished product; it is also the technical part that gets a project built. In our process of design, we start by considering everything on site: from the completed aesthetic; to the economic, environmental, and sociological impact of the project on the immediate property and surrounding ecology; and overall community.

To Neufeld & Associates, good design is a process that utilizes both design and technology to develop the best solutions within the constraints of the site context and budget. Good design is good economics. It adds value to the community and to the environment. It raises the long-term value of the property and has a definite influence on improving the area.

Our aim is to give you a clear understanding of what we do and at the same time for us to understand your goals. Creating a successful design requires outstanding design abilities, teamwork, research and a sound understanding of planning, environmental psychology, ecology and horticulture. Many design firms have one of these abilities, and a few even have two. With Neufeld & Associates, our small firm mentality allows us to the flexibility to draw upon a variety of professionals with outstanding capabilities in their respective fields.

We offer every client flexibility in adapting our creative processes to their unique situation. Whether it’s the architectural design or the ecological integrity, we take the time to create the best design solution appropriate to the clients needs.


We pride ourselves on responding to our client needs while working toward design solutions that create unique and functional forms that enhance both the natural and built environment. We are strong believers that good design has a timeless quality, and we do our best work when we’re involved from the beginning of the design process to carry the original concept to completed construction. Our motto: do it once and do it right the first time.

Our approach is a thoroughly executed process which is structured and logical, beginning with looking at the whole site context. We define your needs, assess the scope of the project and then offer unique design solutions tailored to your specific business and budget. We will develop a comprehensive strategy that will take a project from design through production, completion of construction, and follow-up for quality assurance. We actively avoid using technical jargon and clearly outline each step of the process to our clients. And through it all, we proceed thoughtfully and with a constant eye on making sure our clients’ goals and expectations are met – preferably exceeded!

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